Jill Perkins

Focus, hard work, a competitive personality and an inability to chill while riding has catapulted Jill Perkins onto the snowboard scene fast, and with force. Jill’s presence has been felt since she was named Snowboarder Magazine’s Rookie of the Year in 2017, and it doesn’t feel like she will be letting off on the pressure anytime soon. The accolades have only continued to stack in step with her heavy video parts. Her work in “Everybody” earned her the votes to win Women’s Most Valuable Video Player by Snowboard Magazine and Women’s Fan Favorite in 2020. Still, Jill’s snowboard addiction wasn’t appeased. Her rail-chomping part in “Tangle” triggered SLUSH Magazine to bestow upon her the 2021 Women’s Rider of the Year award.
Let’s also not forget to mention, Jill has been called a pioneer in the snowboard world for demonstrating LGBTQ leadership and inclusivity. She’s also been known to raffle off snowboards to help kids go to school. Did we mention that Jill can skate? When she’s not jumping off a roof, Jill might be cracking a mean slappy on a skateboard. She is a blessing to all things snowboarding and all things planet earth.