Brock Crouch

Pure bliss is the typical look on Brock Crouch’s face when he hits the snow. It doesn’t seem to matter whether he is cruising with friends, dropping into a heli-line in AK or about to take his final run at an international event, Brock remains unphased by all of it. The mantra, let it all hang out and hold nothing back—you may not get another chance.
While filming for a snowboard video on a Canadian mountain range at age 18, Brock Crouch suddenly triggered an avalanche. Tumbling down a thousand feet across rock and ice, Brock was buried six feet below, unconscious and without oxygen. Two years later, however, Brock took second at the 2020 Dew Tour Slopestyle Final. As a native to Northern California’s Mammoth Mountain, Brock grew up on competition and progression so the return was natural.
Brock also knows how to rip rail to rail in the water while surfing and can hold his own on a skateboard. A true Californian, Brock Crouch does it all.