We're honoring Giving Tuesday 2023 by partnering up with The Skatepark Project, a nonprofit organization founded by Tony Hawk.

The Skatepark Project is dedicated to "helping underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth."

Since being founded in 2002, The Skatepark Project has had a hand in the construction of over 700 public skateparks in all 50 states and helped to provide access to high-quality recreational spaces for over 8 million skaters per year.

The Skatepark Project making skateboards at Nixon HQ with the Nixon team

The Skatepark Project building skateboards at Nixon HQ with the Nixon team

A portion of all sales made on Nixon.com on Giving Tuesday 2023 will go directly to The Skatepark Project to fund their mission to help underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth.

For more information on a specific Skatepark Project initiative, keep reading below.

Make a purchase and support continued access to skateboarding and the creation of skateparks where they are needed most.

One example of how The Skatepark Project is making a difference in communities around the United States is found in what they did in a community park of Sacramento, California.

Tyre Nichols, who was fatally injured by police officers in Memphis, Tennessee in 2023, grew up going to a skatepark within Regency Community Park of Sacramento.

After his death, The Skatepark Project teamed up with local leaders to make the skatepark a dedication to Tyre Nichols.

Benjamin Anderson Bashein, Executive Director of The Skatepark Project, said:

“It is a true honor to support this project, uplifting Tyre Nichols’ legacy and passion for skateboarding which will live on here in his hometown park. It’s a vibrant testament to Tyre’s love of the sport as well as the resilience and friendships built on these ramps. This park will continue to serve as a site of accessible, safe outdoor recreation, fostering community for generations to come.”

According to The Skatepark Project, the park will now serve the community with a space to come together and find unity, and as a way to remember Nichols' life. Read more about this initiative at CBS News.

Community leaders and residents celebrating the Tyre Nichols skatepark in Sacramento, California.